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《Wei Feng Zhi Zhi

  【Pre Qin Book of Songs

  Look at the father.

  Father said: sigh! To serve the son, there is no morning and night.

  Kamishin Ya, Jude! No stop!

  Look at your mother.

  Mother said, “sigh! Season service, no sleeps on morning and night.

  Kamishin Ya, Jude! No abandoning!

  Look at your brother, look at your brother.

  Brother said, “sigh! To serve the younger brother, the morning and night will be together.

  Kamishin Ya, Jude! No death!

  Appreciate:This is a work of thinking and kissing, and it is the source of the poems of travel service in China. Looking far away from the countryside, singing and crying, touching and touching. In the poem, the family members exhort in the ear, the illusion integrates the imagination and the recollect. The father’s “never ending” exhorted him not to stay in his native land forever, in a tone purely from his son without losing his father.The broad-minded family is sincere and sincere. Expressing his yearning for his father, he also saw his father’s affectionate feelings.

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  《North Guo idle thoughts “

  【Cao Ye in the Tang Dynasty

  Behind the Piedmont is grass.

  Go out and hide the door.

  Every soul is in the sky.

  Look at the wild people and their children.

  Appreciate:Seeing the lush grass around the house, the poet may think of “the spring grass will be green next year, and the king and grandson will not return.” Perhaps he remembers the scene of “sending the king and grandson away again, full of parting feelings” when he saw off his relatives. Being alone and lonely, I missed my family and had to go out all day to see how other old people enjoyed themselves.Family happiness. The loneliness and sadness of empty nest elderly people are very sad.

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  《Recalling the father

  【Song Lingyun in Qing Dynasty

  Wu Shu Yan Yun broken ruler,

  How do they hate each other?

  Dream is not afraid of Changan.

  A few times to ask for shelter.


  AppreciateWu Yan is separated by thousands of miles? The road is too far away to bear happiness. Far away from the other side of the family, leaving the parents, for fear that one day, “children want to support but do not wait”. The sound and separation of helpless and sad, laden with thoughts. Therefore, it can only be found in dreams. In the dream, I can go back to my father in the wind.Serve filial piety. The desire in dream reflects the reality of helplessness and makes people feel sad.

  In these poems, father and son are deep in love and full of deep affection. In ancient times, however, fathers were often serious elders, who showed their children the way to the future and offered them hope. Earnestly inculcate, meticulously exhorted to be careful, like the following commandments.The poem is full of the feeling of lick calf.

 《The poem of the commandment

  【Dongfang Shuo in Han Dynasty

  Those who do things are not in the middle.

  Walk with the road.

  The first Yang is bad; Liu Hui is a worker.

  Eat in peace.

  It is hidden in the world.

  It is because of the danger that a person with good fame gains his reputation.

  There is a group of people who are tired, but those who are lonely are not happy.

  Those who are left behind are not at all.

  The sage’s way is a snake.

  Form sees God, and changes things.

  At any time, there is no home.

  AppreciateEast Han Shuo, the Western Han Dynasty, has always been famous for its comic nature. He was a great hermit, but he was not hidden in the woods but in the court, so he wished his son could do it. You can live without worry and you can live in the world. Therefore, I have poured out my many years of experience, and I am very grateful for my son’s teachings and expectations. Dongfang ShuoBut he has no difference from ordinary father in this poem.

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  《Zong Wu Zong “

  【Du Fu in the Tang Dynasty

  Find out the new rules and fill the bed with books.

  Try to sing the green jade case, do not envy purple Luo capsule.

  The holiday is from time to time, and next year I will grow.

  It should be enjoyed by the street.

  Fifteen boys, three thousand disciples.

  Those who participated in the summer tour had to go to the hall.

  Appreciate:This is a poem written by Du Fu to the favorite second son Zong Wu, which contains Du Fu’s infinite expectation of children. When he saw Zongwu learning to write poems, he was excited and told his children to concentrate on their studies, not to be frustrated by playing with things, to have a rhythm in life, to study classics diligently, and to follow the example of the sages and persevere. As a famous square.The poet, seeing that his son is expected to inherit his mantle, can feel the joy and joy of Du Fu.

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  《Pride poem (excerpt)

  【Li Shangyin in the Tang Dynasty

  He had a good time to read books and to write his own works.

  Haggard forty, no meat feeding fleas.

  Be careful not to learn, and read for a and B.

  Ju Ju Sima law, Zhang Liang Huangshi street.


  They are emperors.

  AppreciateLi Shangyin was useless until he fell into his life. He didn’t want his son to learn his own way. He hoped that he would learn the art of war and grow up as a national security side. Most of the poems are written about sons, filled with pleasure and pride, and few of them are written about themselves, but they are filled with emotion, self-mockery and self-resentment, and deep feelings of grief and indignation that are seldom encountered. pureWith a white line, the pen is filled with emotion. A smile with tears may be used to describe the humor of caressing and caressing, but the tears behind it are very rare.

《Reading books in winter nights

  【Lu You in Song Dynasty

  The ancients learned nothing.

  Young and hard work begins.

  The paper will come to light.

  We must do this when we know it.

  Appreciate:Lu You paid special attention to teaching his son by poems. He told his son clearly, “If you want to learn poems, Kung Fu is outside the poems.” And the poem he wrote warned children to learn to apply and practice. This philosophical poem, full of the poet’s profound educational ideas, but also the poet’s ardent expectations of children, the writing is extremely simple.But the feelings are very sincere. Readers who read this poem can also be inspired from poetry, and their educational function is self-evident.

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  《For the second woman, Yuan Yuan’s works.

  【Zheng Xie in Qing Dynasty

  The officials are empty and the sleeves are cold.

  Talk about selling meals with paintings.

  The most ashamed is Wu Yin.

  Give spring breeze a few strokes of orchid.

  Appreciate:Zheng Banqiao, a scholar of Kangxi, Yong Zheng and Qian Long, is upright and clean. The daughter married and had no money to buy dowry. She replaced it with a picture of orchid bamboo, and inscribed the poem on it. Poverty is like this, but the spirit is so strong that later generations chant their hearts, and daughter son-in-law is more proud of it. Such a family traditionZheng Banqiao did not break the name of history.

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  A lady’s poem

  Zuo Si in Western Jin Dynasty

  My family has a pretty girl, bright and white.

  The word is “Wan”.

  The hair on the temples is broad, with two ears.

  In the Ming Dynasty, the comb and the eyebrow were removed.

  Thick Zhu Yandan lips, yellow kisses.

  If the words are gentle, the speed of anger is the Ming set.

  Holding pen and Li Tong tube, seal cutting is not beneficial.

  The book is love, and the recite is reserved.

  His sister’s character is fragrant, and his face is picturesque.

  The light makeup is on the edge of the building.

  To set up a plan to achieve the goal is to make it easier.

  Play with brows and cheeks.

  Calm and good Zhao dance, long sleeves like flying.

  The columns of the upper and lower strings are interwoven.

  Gu Gu screen book, such as the accusation.

  The day is dark and clear.

  The garden is full of flowers and fruit.

  The red flower is purple, and the real is thrown.

  In the wind and rain, there are hundreds of failures.

  The frosts and frosts often accumulate.

  Eat with your heart and sit on your plate.

  The calligraphy and painting are leisurely and leisurely.

  It is good for you to bend your shoulders.

  It is only to brag about the confrontation.

  Fat and white sleeves and smoky tin.

  All clothes are heavy, but hard to sink.

  Let no one be ashamed and be ashamed of the elder.


  A glimpse of a stick with tears.

  Appreciation and analysis:《The poem is a poem by Zuo Si, a literary writer in the Jin Dynasty. The author cuts out several scenes from daily life, elaborately depicts the innocent, lively and lovely moods of the two little daughters, accurately and vividly depicts their delicate and lively characters, the words between the lines glisten with paternal smiles, and the pen and ink reveal the family life.The unique flavor of life. The poem begins with girls’imitation of adults’ mirror, pen-holding, book-holding, textile performance, and then children’s peculiar naughtiness and liveliness, and finally writes that they have made a mess of their clothes and clothes. This most irritating event leads to a unique ending of “when and stick”. The whole poem is clear in structure, ingenious in structure and witty in writing.Language is vulgar, miscellaneous and slang, witty, and a feeling of pity and love is very touching.


  Tao Yuanming in Eastern Jin Dynasty

  White hair is being damaged by the temples.

  Although there are five men, they are not good at paper and pencil.

  Ah Shu has been 28, laziness is no match.

  He did not like Wen Shu.

  Yong, thirteen, did not know six and seven.

  Tong Zi hung nine years, but found pear and chestnut.

  This is the fate of heaven.

  【This poem is very interesting. As for its intention, two great poets of the descendants have very different understandings. Du Fu believed that Tao Yuanming had not entered the realm of forgetting his gains and losses, though he was a secluded man. He was still so concerned about his son’s moral character. Huang Tingjian denied it. The poem is “Zi Zi”.There is indeed a reproach to all. Author is not board

  The face is a lesson, but it is a playful pen, and shows a kind and affectionate look. It can be said that the son’s shortcomings are exaggerated, caricatured, and in the narrative used some interesting rhetoric, readers can not help but read, you can imagine the author’s pen when the kind of good-natured, funnyThe mood.

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  And the little girl

  Tang Weizhuang

  See people first to speak, vomit dumb, refuse to return to sleep in love car.

  One night, he cried for the Jinhua.

  【This is a poem written by a poet to his little daughter. As soon as she could understand the speech of the grown-ups, she began to learn to speak. Because love to play with the car would not go to bed, because the clothes less embroidered with a golden thread flower, on the whole night crying and refused to stop. Poetry catch the little girl learning, playing, love beautiful, like crying.Characteristics, through these trivial life description, make small

  The innocent and lovely image of a girl appears on the page, and the love of a poet is also a stroke of pen.

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  Two children in East Lu

  Tang Li Bai

  Wu Disang Ye green, Wu silkworm has three sleepless days.

  My family sends East Lu, who turtle turtle field?

  Spring is no longer enough.

  The south wind blows to the heart and flies to the restaurant.

  A peach is planted in the east of the building.

  This tree is planted by me, not for three years.

  Peach is now in line with our building.

  Pingyang is the daughter of a flower.

  No flowers, no tears, no tears.

  The name of the child is bird and its sister is shoulder to shoulder.

  Under the two rows of peach trees, who can satisfy their backs?

  This is the first time.

  Crack element writes far meaning, because of Wen Yang Chuan.

  【Appreciation: Jidong Lu Erzhizi is a poem written by Li Bai, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, when visiting Jinling, for missing his daughter Pingyang and son Bo Yan in the family of East Lu Yanzhou. The poem is written in the same family book with simple language and delicate brushwork. It is written from the perspective of children living in Donglu. It is sincere, caring and expressive.Strong and genuine affection for children.

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To the father

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