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LinuxELFRedhatDebian; > >RPM

   “:rpm {-i|–install} [install-options] PACKAGE_FILE…

         -v: verbose,         -vv:          -h: hashmarks2%rpm “can also go to the path where the program package is located before performing the installation, as above.


  –test–nodeps: ignore the dependencies of the package and install directly.

Technology sharing –replacepkgs: Technology sharing can be installed with its own scripts, divided into four categories before installation, after installation, before unloading, after unloading; preinstall: –nopre

postinstall: –nopost


 postuninstall: –nopostun


” > does not check the signature information of the package and does not check the legality of the source.

 –nodigest: ” > does not check the package integrity information;


  2 > upgrading

    rpm {-U|–upgrade} [install-options] PACKAGE_FILE …

         rpm {-F|–freshen}[install-options] PACKAGE_FILE …

         -U –upgrade: means to upgrade when the old version program is installed, and to install when the old version program is not installed;

         -F –freshen: means that the old version of the program has just been upgraded, not installed when the old version of the program does not execute the installation;

Linux” supports the coexistence of multiple kernel versions, so the new version kernel is installed directly.



  3, uninstall

   rpm {-e|–erase} [–allmatches] [–nodeps][–noscripts] [–test] PACKAGE_NAME …

   rpm –e zsh( 

       –allmatches:  –nodeps: ” > ignores dependence.

Technology sharing -test:  

4 > query

  rpm {-q|–query} [select-options][query-options]


   PACKAGE_NAME:  -a,–allTechnology sharing -f FILE:


 –changelog: “query”rpm” bag.changelog;

Technology sharing -l,–list:  -i,–info: -c,–configfiles:  -d,–docfiles: -p,–packagePACKAGE_FILE: ” is used to perform query operations on packages that are not installed.Technology sharing /mnt catalogue, the path specified above is designated.

-p option can also query the information, version, configuration file, and installation document of the specified package.rpm –qpl /mnt/cdrom/Packages/zsh-5.0.2-7.el7.x86_64.rpm

              rpm –qpi /mnt/cdrom/Packages/zsh-5.0.2-7.el7.x86_64.rpm

                  rpm –qpf /mnt/cdrom/Packages/zsh-5.0.2-7.el7.x86_64.rpm



 5“, “check”.

     rpm {-V|–verify}[select-options] [verify-options]


        -V:  S.5….T. string;


          5  md5 code change?

          D   major and minor editions do not match?

          L  readLink “path” do not match?

         U          G ” changed?

               P ” “


 CentOS 7 


 (1)    (2) 7, Database Reconstruction

rpm {–initdb|–rebuilddb}

–initdb: Initialize the database, currently no database can be initialized to create a new one; currently sometimes no operations are performed;

  –rebuilddb: Reconstruction, by reading all installed packages on the system to re-create;


Two, YUM order

 yumyellow dog;yumrpm” is based on architecture.C/S(C/S” > is an interview.yumyum itself is not.),yum repository( yum repo)url > server;yum repo” stores many of them.rpm

yum configuration files are created or modified into their own corresponding warehouses.yum provides public configuration for all warehouses.

                   /etc/yum.repos.d/*.repo: provides configuration for the direction of the warehouse.


   enablegroups={1|0}(” > permitted group?)

   failovermaethod={roundrobin|priority}(“, meaning random.)

   cost( expenditure)= orders

  yum [options] [command] [package …]


  yumlist[all|glob_exp1] [glob_exp2]…

  yum {list available|installed|updates} [glob_exp1] […]

Technology sharing

  install package1 [package2] […]

  reinstall package1 [package2] […] ( > > upgrade package:

   update[package1] [package2] […]

downgrade package1 [package2] […] ( downgrade.)

yum update zsh

check can be upgraded.


  yum check-update

yum remove gcc

  yum info gcc

)yum provides /bin/ls

yum clean all

yum makecache

Search: fuzzy matching

  search string1 [string2] […]

  yum search bash

yum deplist gcc

> transaction:

   history[info|list|packages-list|packages-info|summary|addon-info|redo|undo|rollyum history summary    

yum history 

 yum history list

” is not a bag in the warehouse.)

  * localinstall rpmfile1[rpmfile2] […]

   (maintained for legacy reasonsonly – use install)

  * localupdate rpmfile1 [rpmfile2][…]

   (maintained for legacy reasons only – use update)


yum” prohibits “.gpg check;

  yum –nogpgcheck installzsh

  -y: yes

  -q, –quiet: ” opens the silent mode.

  yum –y -q install gcc

  –disablerepo=repoidglob: temporarily disable the designation here.repo;

  –enablerepo=repoidglob: ” temporarily opens the designated place here.repo;

  –noplugins: >repo > currentOS

      $basearch: http://mirrors.magedu.com/centos/$releasever/$basearch/os


“create”yum warehouse;

  createrepo [options] <directory>

  yum install createrepo


     ” sometimes may not find the right one.rpm     “.makefile “command calls the corresponding processors to deal with these matters.make Documents are not written to the user specifically, can be freely generated according to the user’s needs, somake Document is not pre-existing, from scratch, into the source code package, there is a fileconfigure“.conofigure template, finally generated.makefile document;

Technology sharing       ./configure

                ” configuration file “–sysconfigdir=/PATH/TO/SOMEWHERE

           opens some options.–enable-FEATURE


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